Gifts and dollarbies

A lots of group gifts from  Seraphin

Sweater (3 colours, each colour in 2 versions) , Leggins , Shoes, Skin   –    Seraphin   (group gifts)

Hair  Ploom  (group gift)

Sweater, scarf, shoes, earrings, ring (unisex), skin with teeth    –    Seraphin   (group gifts)

Hair  W&J  (1L)  –  2 LBs in this store:

Dress  LC Fashion  (group gift)

Hair  W&J  (1L)

Skin  Seraphin   (group gift)

Dress  LC Fashion  (1L)

Hair  W&J  (1L)

Skin  Seraphin   (group gift)


Cupcakes Hunt part 2


CH from Cupcakes 10 of 13

CH from Cupcakes 11 of 13

CH from Cupcakes 12, 13 of 13

Each skin has many versions: eye brow (blond, brown, black), bust (big and small) and 30 makeups as a tattoo.

Cupcakes Hunt and another clothes part 1


Pants  Sheep Door  (group gift) – there is a men’s version too

Top and chocker CH from Cupcakes 7 of 13

Lollipop with flying pose CH from Sanu 1 of 2

Lollipop in mouth CH from Sanu 2 of 2

Shoes CH from Bubble 1 of 1

Hair  D!va  (LB)

Top  CH from Intrigue 1 of 1

Shoes CH from Lordes of London 1 of 1

Earrings CH from Dear Alice 2 of 2

Nails CH from Eye Candi 1 of 1

Hair  Sheep Door  (open gift)  unisex version

Underwear CH from Cupcakes 1 of 13

Eyes and blouse CH from Cupcakes 3 of 13

 Skin  Deesse’s skin  (group gift)

Dress (3 versions) CH from  Cupcakes 2 of 13

Shoes CH from Lya 1 of 1

Jewerly CH from Dear Alice 2 of 2

Hair  HS (LB)

Outfit with jewerly  Imagine  (LB)

Shoes  CH from Dear Alice 1 of 2

3 dresses  CH from Cupcakes 4,5,6 of 13

Catching up part 2

Coat    [AV]  (LB)

Hair  A & A  (Team Mania Sport)

Skin Subtele City  (cupcake prize)


Outfit  Shucream  (group gift)

Shoes  In Her Shoes (Free)


Blouse and dress  House of Benningborough  (group gifts)


Outfit  (subscription gift),

Dress  (group gift)  from  Morea


Dress  Boudoir  (group gift) – near the stairs

Hair  D!va  (blogged)

New gifts from Ali Ali

Hair  A & A  (group gift)

And my old memmories – Muppet Show  🙂

Catching up part 1

Leather jacket  [AV]  (LB)

Skirt  J&R  (LB)

Shoes  LALA  Moon (past gift, past slurl)

Hair D!va (group gift)

Skin and shape Ironik Kitties  (subscription gift)


Dress ARice  (LB)

Hair D!va (group gift)

Skin  oBscene  (LB)



Blouse and woolen poncho  ARice  (group gift)

Skirt S@bbia (LB)

Hair D!va (group gift)

Skin  oBscene  (LB)


Woolen jacket  *Les Petits Détails* group  (join for free and check notice)

Top  part of hunt  12 Candies Hidden around Collabor88

Pants  Baiastice  (40L)

Shoes YS&YS from TDR  (60L) – blogged

Hair D!va (group gift)

Skin  oBscene  (LB)


Blouse    J&R  (LB)

Hair  HS  (group gift)


Outfit with hair  HS  (group gift)


Dress  AZUL  (group gift)


Dress S@bbia  (group gift)

Shoes  In Her Shoes (Free) – a lot’s off free shoes


Dress  Hal*Hina  (group gift)

Botton, white and shopping

Dress  BAIASTICE  (join to group by IM to owner and check notice)

Shoes  Leverocci  from TDR  (70L)

Hair  L+N  (free)

Earrings  Freebiesowo  (1L)


Wedding dress with accessories  Bubble’s Designs  from The Runway Perfect Hunt

hint: when autumn leaves fall from trees, nothing better than resting in the candlelight ..

Hair  Red Seal Hunt  (blogged)



Short Trench Jacket  Maitreya  (390L)

Silk Pencil Skirt  Baiastice  (220L)

Shoes YS&YS from TDR  (60L)

Bag  Hunting 9 (blogged)


Paris Metro

Dress  Paris Metro  (subscription gift)

Hair –  A & A  (Team Sport Mania)

Coat, woolen dress and hot mini


Coat  from Ruca Tease  Womanstuff  (free)

Jeans – part of  LikeA ‚s outfit with black jacket, red blouse and jeans (hunting 9  blogged)

Shoes  Boudoir  (group gift) – near the stairs  (blogged)

Hair –  A & A  (Team Sport Mania)

Skin  MONS  (subscription gift)

Eyes  MONS  (group gift)


Dress  Bonne  (group gift)

Shoes – Tram  (group gift)

Hair Vignette (free)


Dress  Mohna Lisa  (free or group gift – don’t remember)

Shoes  Maitreya  (subscription gift)

Stockings  B!ASTA  (free)

Bag  COCO (group gift)

Hair –  A & A  (Team Sport Mania)

70 color combinations

Milana  (subscription gift)