4 styles

Set with shoes  Devicious (group freebies)

Necklace  KAZE (freebies)

Hair  EMO-tions (freebies)

Container with pose  Nala (30 L)

Trousers and top  [US] Style (1 L)

Shoes  In Her Shoes (freebies)

Necklace  Bubblez Design (group gift)

Bag  [Modla] Valentine’s hunt (hart on the 1st floor, easy to find)

Hair  EMO-tions (freebies)

Dress  salt. (group gift)

Necklace and ring  Earth Stones (freebies)

Earrings  Cailyn’s (freebies)

Shoes  Sole Sisters ( 1 L)  All white shoes and white accessories only 1 L 🙂

Hair Maitreya (295 L)

Hair base  Analog Dog (group girt)

Skin  Step in Side in this set is also one shape  (freebies)

Top  Jane (group gift)

Shorts (group gift) and Skin ( 1 L)  Sweet Bites

Shoes( 1 L ) and bag ( 1 L)  Sole Sisters

Hair  EMO-tions (freebies)

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