Hunting 9 vol.2

1. Get the HUD from any shop which is taken part in this “Hunting 9″ (one HUD is enough)

2. Wear the HUD and click the logo of every brand to teleport.

3. Search PINK STAR at every shop

4. If you find the pink star just click it, you can get one lamp on your HUD and receive the prize.

5. After filling all the lamp of the HUD, you will find “Get Prize” mark on. Then you can teleport to the panel for the Prize from +grasp+ for clicking it. And finally click the panel you can get the special prize.

* HUD will be placed in every shop just before starting the hunt.
* You can not receive the prize if you are in “Busy mode”.
* Make sure you wear the HUD. you can not get the prize if you are not wearing it.

[Participates brand List]

AMERIE   – bikini
-AZUL-   – pink coat
*Connors* – scarf
+grasp+  – bag, top for men(for the end of hunting – prize)
Kumaki Glasses Style  – mesh google
LikeA  – outfit with black jacket, red blouse and jeans
LITHIUM  – sofa with poses
ROZOREGALIA – 3 sets of earrings
Tukinowaguma – hair

Nails with jewerly  WTG  (new group gift – 100L to join)

Skins  BC  (new group gift & MM)

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