Cupcakes Hunt and another clothes part 1


Pants  Sheep Door  (group gift) – there is a men’s version too

Top and chocker CH from Cupcakes 7 of 13

Lollipop with flying pose CH from Sanu 1 of 2

Lollipop in mouth CH from Sanu 2 of 2

Shoes CH from Bubble 1 of 1

Hair  D!va  (LB)

Top  CH from Intrigue 1 of 1

Shoes CH from Lordes of London 1 of 1

Earrings CH from Dear Alice 2 of 2

Nails CH from Eye Candi 1 of 1

Hair  Sheep Door  (open gift)  unisex version

Underwear CH from Cupcakes 1 of 13

Eyes and blouse CH from Cupcakes 3 of 13

 Skin  Deesse’s skin  (group gift)

Dress (3 versions) CH from  Cupcakes 2 of 13

Shoes CH from Lya 1 of 1

Jewerly CH from Dear Alice 2 of 2

Hair  HS (LB)

Outfit with jewerly  Imagine  (LB)

Shoes  CH from Dear Alice 1 of 2

3 dresses  CH from Cupcakes 4,5,6 of 13

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